The Mars & Neptune Trust

The purposes of the Mars & Neptune Trust are:

  •  to further our present knowledge of the lifeways and material world of military and naval forces in North America prior to 1850 through programs that include, but are not limited to: archaeological  and historical investigations, publications, museum exhibitions, media productions, public presentations, special events, preservation activities, and experimental archaeology (“living history”).

  •  to provide the public with a greater awareness and appreciation of the service  and accomplishment of military and naval forces during the aforementioned historical period and the preservation of its material culture.

  •  to provide a membership component, with no political affiliations, composed entirely of volunteers who are dedicated to preserving the material remains and  interpreting the life, times and material culture of the military and naval forces that served in North America prior to 1850.

  • to raise funds and public/private support for the preservation of endangered or rare surviving sites or artifacts relating to the military and naval history of America prior to 1850, including providing funds or in-kind services leading to the purchase, donation or loan of such properties for government, public or private not-for-profit institutions responsible for the care, interpretation and preservation of such properties for the public benefit.